Study abroad

Study abroad refers to the programs and experiences, usually run through a university, that allow a student to live and study in another country. Study abroad programs provide students with opportunities to learn and experience a foreign culture, have meaningful interactions with professors, and create close bonds with peers in the program, all while gaining transferable university credits.

Finding study abroad opportunities

The UW Study Abroad Office coordinates study abroad opportunities available to UW students. To get started, you can review the Study Abroad Office website, or jump right into finding a program.

Learning more about study abroad

Visit the UW Study Abroad Office: You can stop by the UW Study Abroad Office (Schmitz 459) in person to get more information, including speaking with a Study Abroad advisor or Peer Ambassadors.

Attend the Study Abroad Fair: Make sure you attend the annual Study Abroad Fair in November to learn about the hundreds of study abroad programs available at the UW. This is a great way to learn about a program’s main focus, its expenses, and how it could contribute to your major to see if it’s right for you.

Is studying abroad for me?

It is perfectly okay to have questions and concerns about study abroad. If you have concerns about the cost of the program or how it could impact your graduation timeline, check out the Study Abroad Office’s “Getting started” page.