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In the Loop podcast

In the Loop podcast

The In the Loop podcast keeps students informed on a multitude of topics including academic success, career development, and UW resources.

In the Loop podcast

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Season 3

Season 3 of In the Loop focused on key university resources for UW international Students. Hear from Career Coaches and ISS on tips for success when searching for internships as an international student. Ever wondered what Success Coaching is or how Student Legal Services can help? There’s an episode on these services and others.

What does International Student Services do?

In this episode, we speak to Sharece Bunn, the assistant director of international student advising at ISS.  Understanding the visa requirements and laws that effect international students can be confusing. In our discussion, Sherece explains how the ISS office can help international student navigate through the process.

Student Legal Services

In this episode, we speak to Amada Reynoso Palley, a staff attorney at UW Student Legal Services about the services SLS offers to students and how students can best connect with the SLS department. Learn about some of the most common legal issues that international students face and how SLS can help!

Internships for International Students: Tips for Success

In our second of two podcasts discussing internships for undergraduate international students, we speak to Keavy and Caitlin from the UW Information School. Listen to this episode to learn how international students can best prepare for internships, and some of the specific things that international students should keep in mind through their internship experiences.

CIRCLE’s Discord Server

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CIRCLE established a community Discord server where students could easily connect with each other and CIRCLE staff. In this episode, learn more about CIRCLE’s Discord server and how you can stay connected and have fun, even in a remote setting.

Internships for International Students: Getting Started

In this episode, we speak to Keavy and Caitlyn from the UW Information School about how international students can best go about finding internship opportunities while studying at the UW.

Mary Gates Scholarship for International Students

In this podcast, we speak to Annabel Cholico about the Mary Gates Endowment and the scholarships they offer. The Mary Gates Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for international students to pursue research or leadership projects. Listen to this episode to learn more!

Why Do You Need Success Coaching?

Have you heard of Success Coaching, but aren’t sure what it is? In this podcast we learn more about UW success coaching and how it can help you with time-management, motivation, and goal-setting. Through one-on-one appointments, UW success coaches utilize a variety of approaches to help students stay on track and build a foundation for success at UW and beyond.

Season 2

Season 2 of the In the Loop podcast focused on the transition from high school to the UW as an international student. Hear from current international students on their transition to the UW and things they wish they knew before stepping foot on campus. Faculty members in the Sciences and Non-Sciences share communication tips when approaching faculty members. There are episodes on major exploration, connection with student organizations, among others of interest for new Huskies.

Wrapping up Fall Quarter

This podcast aired at the end of Fall Quarter 2020. In the midst of remote learning, we speak to Chika Masuike about her experience learning remotely from Tokyo, Japan. In this podcast, Chika shares how she implemented successful strategies to optimize her remote learning and how she kept herself entertained throughout the quarter.

Connecting with the Student Activities Office

In this episode, we learn about the UW Student Activities Office and how they help students get connected with organizations that expand and enrich students’ college experiences.

Major Exploration

Have you ever felt pressured to decide on a major? Do you know who your advisor is, or how to find one? In this episode we speak to Dan Feetham, the Director of Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Advising, about how students should go about deciding on a major and connect with their advisors for support.

Connecting with RSO’s

In this podcast, we learn about Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s). RSO’s are diverse, plentiful, and a great addition to the husky experience. Learn how students can get connected with them to pursue their interests while also building a community on campus.

Academic Support Programs at the UW

In this podcast, learn how UW’s Academic Support Programs (ASP) helps students with time management skills, study-strategies, and goal-setting. In particular, we learn about CLUE Tutoring and how the program can help students overcome challenges and succeed in their coursework.

Setting Up Your Workspace

During the COVID-19 pandemic, students took classes and worked from home. Research shows that having a dedicated workspace is an important part of successful remote learning. In this episode, we hear from two student guests who share how they set up their workspace for online learning. We also provide information on UW resources that can be utilized to rent equipment that can be set up ergonomically.

How to Talk to Faculty Members (Non-Science)

Talking to faculty members can sometimes feel intimidating. But with some guidance, you’ll find that speaking to faculty is nothing to worry about. In this episode of the podcast we speak to Dr. Megan Callow, the Senior Lecturer for the Interdisciplinary Writing Program at UW. She shares some tips and best practices for connecting with faculty members, so that you can be confident in your communication skills.

How to Talk to Faculty Members (Science)

Talking to faculty members can sometimes feel intimidating. But with some guidance, you’ll find that speaking to faculty is nothing to worry about. In this episode of the podcast we speak to Dr. Xiaosong Li, a UW Professor of Chemistry. He shares some tips and best practices for connecting with faculty members, so that you can be confident in your communication skills.

Transitioning from High School to College

Transitioning from high school to college can bring mixed feelings of both excitement and anxiety. Living on your own, making new friends, and familiarizing yourself with college culture may seem overwhelming at first. Luckily, the UW has advisers, counselors, and professionals dedicated to supporting you. In this podcast we learn about the resources you can utilize to start strong at the UW.

Season 1

The first season of the In the Loop podcast focuses on the transition to remote learning. Hear from Dr. Denzil  Suite about the transition, gain tips from Hall Health Counselors on how to take care of yourself during this transition, or learn tips on how to navigate the job search online.  All episodes in this season focus on University resources and how they are available during remote operations.

Taking Classes from Different Time Zones

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many students had to take classes from different time zones. International students were especially affected, staying up late or geting up early to attend classes from their home countries. In this podcast, we give voice to some of these international student experiences and learn how they are preparing for more online learning.

In the Loop with CIRCLE Staff

In this episode we get to know the CIRCLE staff, what they love about their work, and some of the highlights they had during CIRCLE events.

In the Loop with UWAA Alumni and Student Programs

In this episode, we speak to Sophie Lee and Amanda Campbell about travel and networking opportunities, as well as community chapters for international and domestics students to join.

Unite UW Virtual Quarter

Unite UW is a cultural exchange program at the UW that seeks to inspire life long friendships between international and domestic students. In this episode, learn how Unite UW adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic and plans to continue their programing during the remote quarter.

Wellness and Self-Compassion During COVID-19

In this episode we speak to Ziyan and Jaye from Core Programs. They emphasize the importance of self-compassion and care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the Loop with the Teaching and Learning Program Librarian

In this episode we speak to Amanda Hornby, UW’s Teaching and Program Librarian. She gives guidance on how to best navigate the UW’s digital library resources for your projects, papers, and classes.

Connecting with Graduate Student Core Programs

In this episode, we learn more about Graduate Student Core Programs through our conversation with Ziyan. We also hear from three international graduate students to hear about their experiences with Core programs and online learning.

The Collective, UW’s Premiere Improve Troupe!

In one of our most fun episodes, we invite The Collective: UW’s Premiere Improve Troupe to the podcast! Listen for some laughs and a good time.

Connecting with Academic Advising

Needing some academic advice, but don’t know where to start? In this episode, we talk to Christian Kerr, UW’s Lead Academic Advisor in the Undergraduate Advising department. She talks about the many resources that the UW provides through the Academic Advising department.

Navigating Job Searches Online

In this episode we speak to Caitlin Goldbaun, a UW general advisor and staff member at the UW’s iSchool. She gives valuable insight into navigating the job search through virtual networks. Listen to learn more!

Building Healthy Habits

In this episode, we speak to Dr. Gitika Talwar and Dr. Dari Magyar from Hall Health. They discuss building healthy habits during COVID-19, UW resources for mental health and wellbeing, and the importance of self-compassion during the pandemic.

Insight from UW Student Life Vice President, Denzil Suite

In this podcast, Denzil Suite, the Vice President of Student Life, discusses some of the resilient ways that UW students are building community amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and reiterates the many resources available to UW students during trying times.

How Can We Prepare for Remote Learning?

In this episode, we explore the best ways to stay engaged and healthy during remote learning. We go over strategies for staying connected with peers and professors, advice on time management, and tips for reducing distractions.

In the Loop Introduction

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CIRCLE started the In the Loop podcast to stay connected with students. In our first episode, we give you an overview of the In the Loop podcast’s mission: to help students adjust to remote learning and keep them connected with UW resources remotely.