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Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board

CIRCLE Student Advisory Board (SAB) is an international student committee that offers guidance to CIRCLE’s professional staff on dealing with the unique needs of the international students at the University of Washington. The principles of the board center around the engagement and advocacy for international student interests at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus by:

  • Consulting and engaging with CIRCLE staff to provide student perspectives and input on programs and initiatives related to international students on Seattle campus.
  • Rendering and formalizing international student opinions on topics of interest to the international student body to impact University Administration, influencing policy and direction of campus affairs.
  • Providing and advocating for a space and environment for international students to partake in the administrative and legislative processes of the University, and increase international student representation at critical campus affairs discussions.
  • Taking initiatives to enhance international student experiences and to promote student success.

Meet our 2023-2024 Board Members

2023-2024 CIRCLE SAB Members Group Photo

















Meet Our People

Nidhi Jain Avid traveler, Architect by heart and soul, Nature lover, and train traveler, love to meet people from diverse backgrounds and get to know their journeys, their lives and interesting stories along the way, especially funny tragic stories, they have made me what I am today.
Jood Almokharrak I’m Jood, an international student from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I’m currently a Junior majoring in Oceanography. I love music, films, and crocheting!
Manya Oswal Hey everyone, my name is Manya Oswal and I am a sophomore intending to major in MCD Biology. I am an avid dog lover (I have 4 of my own) and if you ever need any metal music recommendations, you can always come to me. In my free time, I love playing the drums, cooking, playing badminton, and sleeping!
Chithira Unnikrishnan Melambat Kalappurayil I am Chithira Unnikrishnan, fluent in both English and Malayalam. Little Women is my favorite read, and soccer is my favorite sport. Beyond that, my pastimes involve reading, writing, hiking, and actively participating in sports.
Zoe Huang I’m Zoe, a sophomore student and undergraduate teaching assistant pursuing major in informatics and minor in music. I grew up in the Ice City Harbin, China, and I went to Florida for high school. As a Kpop enthusiast, I enjoy connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and making friends around the globe. Don’t hesitate to say “Hi” when you spot me on campus!
Vy Nguyen I always believe everything happens for a reason, hence, BE POSITIVE and STAY STRONG everyone!
Tianxi Zhang Hi, I am a junior at the University of Washington in Seattle. I love cooking, dancing, and hiking with my friends. My studies focus on the field of education and I hope to contribute to the cause of education in the future.
Ruyan Li As a Chinese student passionate about supporting international students at UW, I’m here to advocate for and improve our campus experiences. I’m always available if you need help or want to share your stories!
Anusriya Rahman Ornie Ornie is a third-year international undergraduate studying Bioengineering at UW, while actively engaging in leadership training. She conducts research in the Kaeberlein Lab, studying cell-to-cell variation in gene expression. Currently serving as the Vice President of Undergraduate Affairs for SEBA and as the Fundraising Chair for the Bangladeshi Students Association.
Riffat Ara Shawon is a PhD candidate specializing in Epidemiology at the School of Public Health, University of Washington (UW). Originating from Bangladesh, Shawon earned her medical degree and later pursued a Master’s in Epidemiology from her home country. Shawon’s commitment to her career is deeply rooted in her love for her community, both in her native Bangladesh and her current home, Seattle. She is most passionate about experiencing life with the eyes of an explorer.

Past SAB Members

Meet Our People

Benjamin Chan
Benjamin Chan | Singapore, Fifth-year Undergraduate

Claudia Gutiérrez
Claudia Gutiérrez | Colombia, Third-year PhD
Rahik Ruhin
Rahik Ruhin | Bangladesh, Junior
Shengruo ZhangShengruo Zhang | China, First-year PhD
Avrum LeungAvrum Leung | Hong Kong, Senior

Nibedita Paul
Nibedita Paul | India, First-year Master’s
Stephanie OshikiriStephanie Oshikiri | Japan, Junior
Alex KuoAlex Kuo | Taiwan, First-year, Master’s
Xiyu (Olivia) YanXiyu (Olivia) Yan | China, Junior

Shubhangi BansalShubhangi Bansal | India, Senior

Aditya Thakur Aditya Thakur | India, Sophomore


Ching Yee Fung

Ching Yee Fung | Hong Kong, Sophomore


Claudia Gutiérrez

Claudia Gutiérrez | Colombia, Second-year PhD


Hanna Choi

Hanna Choi | South Korea, First-year


Heyang Dai

Heyang Dai | China, Junior


Jade Liang

Jade Liang | China, Junior


Nicolas Matthew Suhardi

Nicolas Matthew Suhardi | Indonesia, Sophomore


Peixin Yang

Peixin Yang | China, Master’s


Rahik Ruhin

Rahik Ruhin | Bangladesh, Sophomore


Rinka Tonsho

Rinka Tonsho | Japan, Sophomore


Rituraj Sohoni

Rituraj Sohoni | Japan/India, Sophomore


Shengruo Zhang

Shengruo Zhang | China, Master’s


Vic Bulbon

Vic Bulbon | Thailand, First-year


Chika MasuikiChika Masuiki | Japan, Junior

Dean DaiDean Dai | China, Sophomore

Diya Sairindhri DasDiya Sairindhri Das | India, Junior

Erik SolhaugErik Solhaug | Norway, Sophomore

Himeno HashimotoHimeno Hashimoto | Japan, First Year

Morris ChangMorris Chang | Taiwan, Senior

Nicolas Matthew SuhardiNicolas Matthew Suhardi | Indonesia, First Year

Rituraj Sohoni Rituraj Sohoni | India/Japan, Junior

Shubhangi Bansal Shubhangi Bansal | India, Junior

Tina FengTina Feng | China, Sophomore

Ziva Xu Ziva Xu | China, Senior