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Tuition & Fees

Tuition & fees

It’s important to understand how and when to pay tuition and fees related to your UW education. Below are some helpful tips and resources to help you navigate these payments.

Tuition statement

After you register for classes each quarter, you can find a tuition statement on your MyUW tuition account. Once you login with your UW NetID, you can access your tuition statement to view your expenses at UW. These may include ISHIP health insurance, the U-PASS, your tuition and other required fees.

Tuition due dates

Tuition charges are always due by the third Friday of every quarter. See below for the tuition due dates of the 2023-2024 academic year. A late payment fee will be charged for tuition paid after these dates. Read more on the UW Student Fiscal Services When Tuition is Due page.

Autumn 2023: Due October 13, 2023
Winter 2024: Due January 19, 2024
Spring 2024: Due April 12, 2024
Summer 2024: July 5, 2024 (All Terms)


Paying tuition & fees

They are many ways to pay for your tuition and fees. You can pay online through a web check or credit card payment. You can also pay in person or by mail to UW Student Fiscal Services. The recommended tuition payment methods are outlined on the Student Fiscal Services Pay Tuition and Fees page. It is important to know that Student Fiscal Services will no longer accept cash payments greater than $500.00.

International students have the option of paying for tuition through an international wire transfer from your bank account in your home country to Student Fiscal Services. Many international students utilize Flywire and Western Union to securely process international tuition payments. You can contact for more information on banking transfer information.

Scams targeting international students

Always be cautious — higher education institutions continue to discover credit card scams targeting international students.