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Like many big cities, Seattle is served by a variety of public transit options, bike lanes, app-based car-hailing services like Lyft and Uber and many more. UW is a major transit hub, and there are many ways that people travel to and from the University each day.

Getting to UW

UW Transportation Services can help you get started with planning your commute, or, below are some ways that many students, faculty and staff get to UW:

Public transit: Taking the bus or light rail are some of the easiest ways to get onto campus. There are more than 60 bus stops that serve the UW campus and UW’s light rail station connects UW to the airport and multiple destinations throughout Seattle. The Husky Card also functions as a U-PASS and gives you access to a large network of local transit systems.

Biking: Thousands of Huskies bike to school and work each day. The University of Washington has over 10,000 bicycle parking spaces, and all of them can be easily found through UW’s bike rack destination map. If you choose to bike to campus, make sure to register your bike in case it gets stolen or lost.

Walking: If you live near or on campus, walking is a great option to get to the University of Washington. The UW campus map is a valuable resource to plan your walking route to and around campus. The Burke-Gilman trail connects multiple UW destinations and the U-District Walking Map provides great information on pedestrian pathways and comfortable ways to navigate the University District by foot.

Driving: Students driving to campus may purchase daytime or evening parking permits, as well as motorcycle permits. Resident permits are open only to students living in UW residence halls. See the Transportation Services website for more information on student parking permits.

Getting home safely

The Husky Nightwalk and Husky NightRide are two services that the UW provides to ensure that students get home safe. Both services are free and operate during late hours, so make sure to utilize them during study season or any other time you need to get home late.