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Undergraduate Regional Connection Groups

Regional Connection Groups (RCG) for New International Undergraduates

Connect with other new huskies, living internationally, in your region. 

Regional Connection Groups (RCG) is a seven-week engagement program to connect you virtually with other new international huskies in your region. The program also offers a series of small-group interactive Zoom sessions to help you transition to UW. 

RCG Goals

By participating in RCG you will:

  • Connect with other huskies from the same area and create a community before you arrive on campus
  • Develop a college mindset that values communication and critical thinking 
  • Have access to a trained Peer Connection Leader (PCL) who will support your transition to UW and will help you build a support system for college success
  • Have some fun!

Program Information & Schedule

  • In June 2023, you will receive an email from, inviting you to join a preset chat group via a social media app commonly used in your region (WeChat, Line, WhatsApp, Kakao, and Messenger). Each group consists of new international students from your country or region. For instance, all new students from Taiwan will join a Line group. We will also publish all group chats by June 2023.
  • From June -July, CIRCLE social media assistants and PCLs will be present in all group chats to provide support and answer questions, as you get ready for A&O and navigate other university processes. PCLs are current UW students who are very resourceful and highly involved on campus.
  • From mid-July to mid-August, for about five weeks, PCLs will lead a series of small-group interactive Zoom sessions, covering a wide range of topics including communications, majors, immigration, Arrival 101, etc. RCG also offers virtual cross-group fun activities over the weekends to help you connect with other new huskies around the world. We will publish all session topics and dates soon.
  • After August 21, you can stay in your RCG chat to continue receiving CIRCLE weekly reminders of important resources and dates, such as arrival information and welcome events. You can also reach CIRCLE for questions and concerns via your RCG chats.

Change a group or Add to Another Group

If you prefer a different chat app or would like to be added to another group, you will have the chance to do so by filling out a RCG Group Change/Add form that will be published.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please email UW CIRCLE at, or contact CIRCLE via the following social media platforms:

  • Line ID: uwcircle
  • Kakao ID: uwcircle2020
  • WhatsApp phone number: +1 206-665-9662 
  • Facebook Messenger: UW Circle

RCGs is a collaboration between First Year Programs and the Center for International Relations & Cultural Leadership Exchange (CIRCLE) at the University of Washington