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The University of Washington is a world-class research university. As such, the UW provides both undergraduate and graduate students with extensive opportunities to conduct research, independently or under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Engaging in research can be a great way to build your knowledge and experience, gain valuable faculty connections and even potentially make some money.

Is research for me?

A common misconception is that research only takes place inside a lab. In reality, you may have already conducted research for a class, for example in the form of a research paper or a literature review.

Finding research opportunities

Outside the classroom, students can participate in more formal research experience under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The Office of Undergraduate Research is a great starting point to look for research opportunities in any major or discipline. The Office of Undergraduate Research staff provide advising and workshops to help students find the right opportunity for them.

Compensation for research

Some research opportunities provide academic credit, others provide an hourly wage or a stipend and some provide both. If receiving financial compensation is important to you, the Mary Gates Research Scholarship is one great option to pursue.