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In the case of an emergency situation, call 911. This will connect you quickly to the police and other emergency responders.

Nothing is more important than your safety and well-being, and there are many services in place to ensure UW remains a safe place to study, live and work. Below are some helpful resources that are focused on keeping our UW community safe:

UW Police Department

The University of Washington Police Department (or UWPD) is committed to keeping our campus community safe, and is available 24 hours per day, every day. If there is ever an emergency situation, or if you have been the victim of a crime, contact the UW Police Department.

Learn More: UW Police Department

Emergency situations

To stay informed about emergencies on campus, sign up for UW Alert, which is a tool that disseminates alert notices to students, faculty and staff if there are ever emergencies or activities that may disrupt normal campus operations.

Learn More: UW Alert

Getting home safely

UW Safety Escort Services like Husky NightRide shuttle and Husky Nightwalk are here to help students get home safely at night.

The NightRide shuttle picks up students on weekdays at eight campus locations and drops them off near their destination.

The Husky NightWalk program, which works during all the days of the week, provides a uniformed security guard to escort students to campus locations or homes around the area.

Learn More: UW Safety Escort Services

Sexual assault resources

The University of Washington is committed to preventing and responding to sexual misconduct and provides the support and resources for victims who have been affected by sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking or sexual harassment.

For those who have experienced sexual misconduct, UW has resources to get confidential support, address safety concerns, locate providers of medical care and counseling and to learn how to report sexual assault.

Learn More: UW Sexual Assault Resources

Rape Agression Defense (RAD) is a free program offered by the UW Police Department that trains women in awareness, risk reduction, and self-defense movements in the case of being attacked.

Learn More: Rape Agression Defense


SafeCampus is UW’s violence-prevention and response program, and can help you navigate many situations, whether they impact you or someone you know — including threats, stalking, sexual assault, relationship violence, harassment, suicide concerns, workplace violence and more.

Response specialists are available to help you and you can call anonymously — no matter where you study — to discuss safety and well-being concerns: 206-685-7233.

Learn More: SafeCampus

Campus safety and emergency resources

For more information and resources on campus safety at UW, take a look at the University’s Campus Safety and Emergency Resources page.

Campus Safety and Emergency Resources