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Staying healthy

Staying healthy

The UW offers a wide range of health and wellness services, from exceptional medical care and counseling services to recreation classes, safety resources, peer advocates, training and more.

College is a time of change, and change can sometimes be difficult. UW offers a wide range of health and wellness services to help students stay healthy and thrive at UW.

Mental health

College can be stressful, and at times students may experience anxiety, homesickness, or depression during their college experience. It’s important to understand that if you are experiencing these or similar feelings, you are not alone, and there are many people and services that are here to help, no matter the circumstances.

UW provides free and confidential resources to address students’ diverse mental health needs, including:

Husky Health & Well-Being
The Husky Health and Wellbeing website is a great starting point for general resources and a pathway to connect to more specific assistance options.

Drop-in counseling
Let’s Talk drop-in counseling is a free, confidential counseling service on a first-come, first-served basis. Drop-in counseling is especially good for students who are unsure about counseling and want to see what it’s like. Let’s Talk sessions are 30 minute consultations and are offered at CIRCLE, the Q Center and the Ethnic Cultural Center, among others.

Psychiatric medication evaluations
Psychiatric medication evaluations can be scheduled with UW professionals to help you better understand psychiatric treatment options and psychiatric medications management.

Urgent help
For urgent help, call 911, especially in the case of a life-threatening scenario. For other urgent safety concerns you may also contact SafeCampus at 206-685-7833, or for more on urgent help resources, see the Husky Health & Well-Being Urgent Help page.

Additional resources
Additional mental health resources, including mindfulness classes, pet therapy, individual therapy, group therapy and off-campus resources can be found on the Husky Health and Wellbeing Mental Health page.

Physical health

Taking care of one’s body through exercise, eating and sleep are lifestyle habits that help students thrive at UW. The University of Washington provides numerous resources for students to take care of their physical health, including:

The Intramural Activities Building (IMA) serves as the center for exercising on campus and includes many ways to stay physically active throughout the year, such as swimming pools, gyms, assorted courts, an indoor track, a climbing studio and more.

Joining a sports team for fun
Intramurals and Rec Clubs are ways for students to build a community with others who enjoy playing the same sports. Both of these options are great ways to make friends and routinely exercise.

Getting health care
Hall Health Center is UW’s primary on-campus health center, and can help to address any medical care concerns or questions. Hall Health provides primary care, acupuncture, immunizations, medical advice and specialty care in women’s health, sports medicine and travel medicine. Schedule an appointment and take a look at the health insurance and cost page for more information on payment.

Self-care resources
The UW Self-Care page provides helpful advice for students to implement healthy lifestyle routines into their everyday life.

Sexual health

The University of Washington is committed to informing students about safe sex resources and practices. The Health Promotions Office at Hall Health provides students with free safe-sex supplies, including condoms, lube, dental dams, finger cots, and gloves. Hall Health also provides information on and testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

Below are some sexual health resources outside of UW that can assist and inform any sexual health questions or concerns: