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Getting a job

Getting a job

Working while you are a University of Washington student allows you to make new friends, familiarize yourself with the area and make money all at the same time. For these reasons, working while at the UW can be an invaluable aspect of your Husky Experience. Students have access to many employment options both on and off campus.

On-campus jobs

University of Washington on-campus jobs are often nearby, flexible and a great way to build a community on campus. While enrolled in class, students can work up to 19.5 hours per week. It’s important to note that international students are limited to on-campus jobs while studying in the U.S., with the exception of Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT) jobs. The Student Employee Handout provides a list of common campus employers, and Handshake can be used to access job listings all around campus.

Off-campus jobs

Domestic students also have the option of working off campus. If you are looking to work more than 19.5 hours per week, finding an off-campus job may be suitable for you. University Way NE (also called “The Ave”) and University Village have many businesses that hire UW students for jobs in retail and food service, and Handshake can always be utilized to find other jobs and internships in the surrounding area.

International student employment

The immigration regulations around employment and internships for international students can be complex. Be sure to carefully review the regulations so that you do not accidentally violate any laws or commence unauthorized employment. Visit the UW International Student Services Office’s Employment & Internships page to learn more.

Tips: Before you apply

  • Build and polish a resume
  • Visit job fairs to meet potential employers
  • Review immigration regulations on international student employment
  • Review expectations for the job and consider how you will manage your time between work and academics
  • Meet with a UW career counselor for assistance in career building and finding relevant work within your interests

Student employment resources