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Displaying content

Multi-media content can make your webpage more interactive and is often used on a homepage to display snippets from other parts of your site.


You can display local content using the blogroll shortcode. Recent posts will be displayed in a simple and easy template that has many customizable features.

Blogroll Code

Basic Code Template

[blogroll number=number of posts to display image="show" or "hide" image 
readmore=add label "on" or "off"]


Basic attributes:
number= The maximum number of results to return (Default: 5)
image= Choose whether to show the featured image thumbnail.
Options: show, hide. (Default: hide)
author= Choose whether to show the author.
Options: show, hide. (Default: show)
date= Choose whether to show the publish date.
Options: show, hide. (Default: show)
readmore= Choose whether to show the “Read More” link or not.
Options: on, off. (Default: on)
More attributes:
excerpt= Choose whether to show the excerpt in the blogroll.
Options: show, hide. (Default: hide)
trim= Whether or not to trim the words via WordPress wp_trim_words function. Options: true, false. (Default: false)
titletag= The html element for the post titles. (Default: h2)
post_type= The post type to look for.(Default: post)
mini= Use the miniature template instead of the default one. (Default: false)
category= The WordPress category ID to limit the results from. (Default: None)
category_name= The WordPress category name to limit the results from. (Default: None)



[blogroll number=10 image=show category_name=features trim=true]


Example Site (snippet)

A screenshot of the actual blogroll displayed on the site.


Live feeds (Trumba, Twitter, Youtube)

Live content from outside sources like calendars, social feeds, and videos can be embedded straight onto the webpage and interacted with by users.


Trumbas are great for listing upcoming events, especially if there is a lot of events to feature as it can reduce clutter.


Code Template

[trumba name='Required web name of Trumba calendar' type='spud type' (display--
options can be found here) base='full URL of desired base calendar']



[trumba name='sea_campus' type='main' base='https://www.washington.edu/calendar']


Example Site

Screenshot of a Trumba calendar from the UW homepage.



Twitter feeds can make a great widget and are a great way to introduce social media and external activity to your site.


Code Template

[twitter title='the title of the widget' (Default: UW Twitter Feed) 
count='number of tweets to show' (Default: 5) name='Twitter screen name' 
(Default: twitter)]



[twitter title='UW Twitter feed' count='5' name='uw' ]


This is what the example would code for:



Youtube videos can make your webpage more dimensional and introduce a video element to your site.


Code Template

[youtube type= 'Pick whether to display a single video or playlist' 
id='The youtube video or playlist id' max-results (OPTIONAL)=
'The maximum number of results to return for a playlist' (Default: None)]



[youtube type= 'playlist' 
id='PLgNkGpnjFWo9CN_HeVtujhMnUXK05iwgZ' max-results='10']


This is what the example would code for:



The iFrame shortcode allows pre-approved contents from other sites to be embedded into our site. These work both in the visual and text mode of the editor.

iFrames code

Code Template

[iframe src= 'URL of allowed domain to display content' 
height='number in pixels' width='number in pixels']



[iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m14!1m8!1m3!1d5374.65004617
s!4v1544726406978" width="600" height="450"]


Example Site

This is a screenshot of the example iframe in use, highlighting the location of the UW golf range.

Allowed domains for iFrame:
  • uw.edu
  • washington.edu
  • uwtv.org
  • tvw.org
  • www.uwtv.org
  • google.com
  • docs.google.com
  • drive.google.com
  • youtube.com
  • excition.com
  • uwregents.wufoo.com
  • www.uw.edu
  • catalyst.uw.edu
  • www.washington.edu
  • depts.washington.edu
  • online.gifts.washington.edu
  • secure.gifts.washington.edu
  • payroll.gifts.washington.edu
  • helperapps.gifts.washington.edu
  • uwfoundation.org
  • support.gifts.washington.edu
  • www.uwfoundation.org
  • www.surveygizmo.com
  • www.google.com
  • www.excition.com
  • www.youtube.com
  • pgcalc.com
  • www.pgcalc.com
  • matchinggifts.com
  • www.matchinggifts.com
  • embed.pac-12.com
  • storify.com
  • w.soundcloud.com
  • api.soundcloud.com
  • flickr.com
  • vimeo.com
  • player.vimeo.com
  • www.facebook.com
  • form.jotform.com
  • tableau.washington.edu
  • www.iqmediacorp.com
  • fusiontables.google.com
  • myuwgiving.gifts.washington.edu
  • cdn.knightlab.com
  • uploads.knightlab.com
  • yeatmanlab.github.io
  • livestream.com
  • uwphotos.smugmug.com
  • www.smugmug.com
  • smugmug.com
  • universityphotography.smugmug.com
  • modelo.io
  • app.modelo.io
  • webcasts.weforum.org
  • weforum.org
  • storymaps.arcgis.com
  • h5p.org
  • app.powerbi.com
  • powerbi.com
  • www.powerbi.com
  • acuityscheduling.com
  • app.acuityscheduling.com
  • video.ibm.com
  • ibm.com
  • www.ustream.tv
  • ustream.tv