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Storytelling Module Catalog

Welcome to the Web Strategy Team’s Storytelling Module Catalog!

Here you will find documentation on all of the storytelling modules (STMs) that are at your disposal, along with some ways that you can customize them to fit your needs.

What are storytelling modules

Storytelling modules (STMs) are a feature that can be added to your WordPress Editor, allowing you to easily design and create captivating pages for audiences. Check out the pages below to see just some of the things that are possible with STMs.


How to get storytelling modules

Interested in using these on your site? If your site is hosted by Web Strategy, reach out to to request activation. If your site is on depts or sites, you can enable it from the Plugins section of the WordPress admin. If you are self-hosted elsewhere and you have a GitHub account through the UW GitHub enterprise service you can download STM directly here. (Note: if you are not logged into your UW GitHub enterprise service account you will get a 404 error on this link.)


Before you get started

New to storytelling modules and just had them installed? Please check out the STM Brief Introduction page before you get started, as it will give you a step-by-step walk through of this new feature on your site builder.