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Welcome to Web Strategy’s Documentation Library

Here is everything from shortcodes to tips and tricks from us (the University of Washington Web Strategy team), laid out in a user-friendly manner. Be sure to check out the resources section to learn how you can grow your skills, connect with other UW colleagues and more.


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Shortcode Cookbook

Here’s all the documentation you’ll need for the new WordPress theme, including examples, copiable shortcodes, and ‘recipes’ on how to modify them. This will be regularly updated, so keep an eye out for new features to choose from!

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STM Catalog

Ever seen or heard about storytelling modules (STMs)? A regular user? Take a look at the STM Catalog to view all of the different ways you can use the different modules, with new features and styles to play with added in regular updates!

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UW Brand

Want to know more about everything University of Washington? Take a look at the UW Brand site which has everything from colors and fonts to brand information and templates and style guides.

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Want a closer look at documentation?

If you’ve looked over the documentation on this site and are still having issues (or are wanting a more in-depth point of view) take a look at the UWeb GitHub site for the technical documentation.


Connect with Web Council

The University of Washington Web Council’s mission is to set the highest standards and best practices for the UW’s Web presence, to foster collaboration and cooperation, and to share resources and expertise in making the UW Internet and Intranet indispensable and accessible to all by providing and promoting the best user experience possible.


The Web Council, under the leadership of the University Marketing & Communications Web Team, is made up of any interested UW employees involved in web work who see the value in coming together to address common web issues, including standards, best practices, templates, systems and marketing.

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