UW Brand

HTML templates

UW-2014 UI kit

Whether you’re using the WordPress theme, Drupal theme, or your own templates, you can easily make use of the UW theme UI kit for your project. It includes everything you need to have a branded HTML experience on your site.

Getting started with the UW UI kit is easy. The only dependency is Backbone.js, which does require Underscore.js and jQuery to be loaded as well. Just add document the JavaScript and CSS files listed below to the header of your page. Once loaded, you’ll be able to copy and paste any of the markup snippets listed throughout this page.

Getting started

WordPress or Drupal theme

The easiest method to get started is to install the UW WordPress theme or the Drupal theme. Both come pre-loaded with everything you need for a branded website, as well as the CSS and JS required to make use of our branded HTML components.

Branded JavaScript & CSS

If you would like the flexibility to create your own HTML templates and would just like to leverage our branded styles, you can load the JavaScript and CSS files from out theme to your site.

Branded Boundless header and footer

Making use of our Boundless header template gives you access to the branded HTML components as well.