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The Web Strategy team

The Web Strategy team hosts and maintains the web communications and marketing platform for the University of Washington.

We create a leading-edge infrastructure that can meet the demands of our users, provide updated software, tools, and themes that make up our best-in-class marketing platform, and create the policies and guidelines that help shape how the platform is used. We are also directly responsible for managing the content of the homepage, top-level web sites, and supporting the units that use our products and services.

Above all else, our primary role is to allow our collaborators and partners to tell the UW’s story and help elevate the public perception of the University.

Meet the team

The Web Strategy team is made up of infrastructure, development, and content teams working together to host, build, and maintain UW’s web presence. Our talented team consists of systems administrators, web developers, and web content strategists. We are:

What we do

The Web Strategy team provides the following services to the UW community:

How to reach us

If you are interested in learning more, or obtaining help, for any of our services, please contact our helpdesk at uweb@uw.edu.