UW Brand

Monthly themes and calendar

To guide our communications, we use monthly message themes based on our brand pillars. Focusing around a given theme helps punch through the clutter of the modern media landscape, as well as make it easier to choose which stories to pursue at which time.

We use the UW homepage and our social media channels to help drive these themes. Being on theme and using the theme’s accompanying hashtag makes it more likely that a story created by a college, school or department will be picked up by one of these central assets.

The themes are not a straitjacket — we don’t exclusively promote stories that align with the theme during a given month. If you have a great story about the student experience, you don’t need to wait for a Husky Experience theme month to promote it or to pitch the idea to UMAC. (Though when the next Husky Experience month does roll around, it would be a great opportunity to resurface that story!)

For more information, see this blog post introducing the concept of message themes. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jack Martin.

2019–20 Monthly Message Themes

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Month Theme Strategic considerations
July Proven Impact
August Our Public Promise
September Innovation Mindset
9/1: Application for fall 2020 freshman admission opens
9/25: First day of classes
October Leading-Edge Student Experience
10/8: University Climate Survey opens
10/15: Annual President’s Address
10/18: W Day
November Be Boundless
Celebrating what philanthropy makes possible
11/8: University Climate Survey closes
11/15: Application for fall 2020 admission to Seattle campus closes
December This is UW
Celebration of 2019 student, faculty, staff and alumni accomplishments
January Our Public Promise
1/13: Projected start of 2020 legislative session
1/15: Priority application deadline for fall 2020 freshman admission to UW Bothell and UW Tacoma
February Proven Impact
March Innovation Mindset
Early March: Admission offers go out
April Leading-Edge Student Experience
May Be Boundless
5/1: Decision deadline for fall 2020 freshmen
June This is UW
6/13: Seattle Commencement
6/14: Bothell Commencement
6/15: Tacoma Commencement
6/30: Last day for donations to count toward the Be Boundless campaign