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Viewpoint is a publication in partnership with the diversity community of the University of Washington and the UW Alumni Association. Published twice a year, Viewpoint tells stories and profiles UW students, faculty and alumni who are making a difference.

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Spring 2022

Reasons to Love the Kelly ECC | Remembering Harvey Blanks | Unequal Air | More

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Fall 2021

In this issue: The Rise of Gen Z | An Indigenous Walking Tour | Remembering the Spratlens | More

Spring 2021

In this issue: Vaccine Equity | A Time of Hope | Remembering Bryan Moore | More

Fall 2020

In this issue: Raising Our Voices | Justice Should Be Our North Star | More

Spring 2020

In this issue: Overcoming Obstacles | The Beginning of Something | A Brush With Depth

Fall 2019

In this issue: Serving Up Success | Leading With Latinx | Plugging Inclusion into STEM

Spring 2019

In this issue: Voices East of the Mountains | Indigenous Foods | Seeing Past Stereotypes

Fall 2018

In this issue: Helping Hungry Huskies | A Taste for Advocacy | A Gift for Labor Studies

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Past issues

Spring 2010

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