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UW Emergency Management

December 22, 2015

Holiday Hours for UWEM Office

To allow UWEM staff to enjoy the Christmas and New Years holidays with their families, UWEM will observe limited on-campus staff coverage on the following dates this year:  December 24 and December 31.  In case of a campus-wide emergency or incident, please call our 24/7 UWEM Duty Officer phone at 206-765-7192.   HAPPY HOLIDAYS !

September 20, 2017

What UWEM can do for YOU!

As National Preparedness Month comes to a close, we wanted to share with you the services that UW Emergency Management offers the UW community all 100% free of charge. Earthquake Awareness and Personal Preparedness presentations (30-45 min) Consider scheduling an Earthquake Awareness and Personal Preparedness presentation at your next all-staff meeting. Although typically 30-45 minutes,…

September 6, 2017

IT tools to help you prepare for a disaster

The UW’s Information Technology Department (UW-IT) has prepared a number of tools, services and products to assist students, faculty and staff (including researchers) in preparing for disasters.  Specifically, they can provide technical guidance, assistance and access to tools to allow you to continue to communicate and work remotely in case of disaster.  Click HERE for…

September 5, 2017

Annual UW Indoor Alert Test COMING

UWEM will be coordinating the annual test of the UW’s Indoor Alert System (IAS) on Thursday, September 7th at 7:00 am.  This activity will test the alarm systems in nearly 140 buildings and structures on the main Seattle campus.  Expect to hear brief loud noises, beeps and tones as well as see flashing strobe lights…

September 1, 2017

Great UW ShakeOut 2017

WHY? As National Preparedness Month continues, let’s talk about the next Great UW ShakeOut. Our biggest natural hazard threat here in the Pacific Northwest is an earthquake. While Washington does not experience earthquakes as frequently as, say, California, when we are hit with the next 7, 8, or 9 magnitude earthquake, the results will be…

August 31, 2017

August 31, 2017

A series of sporadic regional power outages impacted the areas adjacent to the UW campus.  Beginning at 9:40 am and ending around 2:00 pm, these Seattle City Light power “spikes” and temporary outages caused the UW Power Plant to shut down twice for a short period of time.  Many off-campus residence halls east of campus…

August 30, 2017

September is National Preparedness Month!

The UWEM team has been following closely the events unfolding in Texas and Louisiana, and our hearts go out to every first responder, emergency management official, and citizen that has been impacted by Hurricane/Superstorm Harvey. It is purely by coincidence that National Preparedness Month comes at a time when the country is already so focused…

August 3, 2017

Air Quality Questions? Resources below!

Wondering if it’s okay to be outside in the wildfire smoke in our region? UW Environmental Health & Safety have provided some information on their website here. Wildfire smoke is not good for anybody, but it can cause extra problems for young children, adults over the age of 65, people with respiratory issues or lung disease,…

July 27, 2017

Great UW ShakeOut 2017 is coming

The Great UW ShakeOut will be on October 19th this year, at promptly (you guessed it) 10:19am! A few early FAQs Do I need to register my department/school/building on the official ShakeOut Washington page? UWEM has registered the entire UW Seattle campus as participating in the 2017 Great ShakeOut. Do I need to register at…

July 17, 2017

Large-scale special events – Your Input is key to our success!!

Large-scale special events can have a big impact on campus operations. We are reaching out to our UW community. UW Emergency Management is tasked with planning for and overseeing these kinds of events, in partnership with UW Police Department. In reviewing events over the last year, such as Inauguration Day, May Day and Commencement, we found…

April 4, 2017

We’re Hiring!

UWEM is currently recruiting for a new Business, Academic & Research Continuity (BARC) Manager.  This key position for the university will guide the individual departments and units in drafting, testing and updating their continuity plans that are required to protect and restore their core/critical services after a major crisis or disaster.  Applications for this full-time,…

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