UW Emergency Management

Training opportunities (for UW faculty and staff ONLY)

UWEM-offered training

Preparedness 101

UWEM may offer a two-hour workshop with the ability to customize for your needs. The workshop will cover regional hazards specific to where you work and live. There’ll also be a show-and-tell demonstration of preparedness kits (commuter, personal vehicle and home). During the workshop, we will discuss and provide examples on what you can do to ensure the safety of those at home who depend on you so that we at the UW can be a dependable resource to our campus community.

Earthquake awareness & personal preparedness

Through the UWEM Seismic Resilience Program we are offering an in-person workshop that will cover earthquake risks in the Pacific Northwest, personal preparedness specific to earthquakes, and non-structural mitigation.

For those of you interested we have an Online video: This one-hour presentation by Siri McLean, the previous plans & training manager with UW Emergency Management, will help you learn about the earthquake risks we face and how you can become better prepared. This video has practical information and advice that might one day help you and your family.

Incident command system courses

ICS combo course

A classroom facilitated delivery of ICS 100, 200, & 700. It offers the same information and curriculum as the online FEMA courses, but with the added advantage of a professional emergency manager to introduce the concepts, clarify questions and share real-world examples that help students transition from theory to practice.

ICS 300 intermediate

Demonstrates the relationship of ICS to the command and management components of NIMS, incident/event management process for expanding incidents according to ICS.  ICS 300 builds on incident command skills – unified command, resource management, planning process, incident assessment, establishing incident objectives, demobilization, and transfer of command.

ICS 400 advanced

Advanced application of ICS for department heads and/or senior personnel who are expected to perform in a management capacity in a multi-agency coordination role.

ICS 402 university; administrators and senior officials

Familiarizes senior officials (university administrators, elected officials, agency administrators, etc.) with the Incident Command System (ICS) principles and their role in supporting incident management.

All training is available at no cost and courses require a minimum of 30 individuals to register. These courses are also offered regionally. If interested, please contact our plans, training and exercise manager at disaster@uw.edu.


UWEM as your conduit to external federal training


Application information for FEMA courses

The Federal government offers hundreds of (mostly free) training opportunities to emergency planners, responders and those with a role in disaster preparedness, response and recovery. UWEM staff can direct UW staff to those specialized courses at various national training centers (Emmitsburg, Maryland, College Station, Texas, Socorro, New Mexico, and others). Some courses may require that UWEM and Washington state approve per-requisites and all applications. If accepted, all travel, hotel, registration and other incidentals are covered by the federal government. All they require is that the sponsor (UW department) covers the employee’s time while away from the workplace.

If you are interested in these training opportunities, please contact our plans, training and exercise manager at disaster@uw.edu or 206-897-1882.

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