UW Emergency Management

Communicable Disease Outbreak Management Plan

This plan, updated in 2020, is an official Annex to the UW’s main disaster plan.  It describes how the UW system will plan for, and respond to the spread of a communicable disease in or near any of the UW campuses.  Revised every 3-4 years, this plan is developed and implemented by members of the University’s Advisory Committee on Communicable Diseases.

The primary purpose of this plan is to promote the safety and well-being of UW students, faculty, visitors and staff by:

  • Preventing the spread of disease
  • Protecting UW workers who will need to the keep the UW running
  • Providing support for the essential services that must be maintained.

The plan provides a general framework for preparedness planing, response and recovery in dealing with a large-scale outbreak of a communicable disease.  It outline roles and responsibilities of University personnel and units and the functions that public partners can be expected to provide the University community.

Click HERE to access or download the most current version of the plan.