UW Emergency Management

January 26, 2022

Updated Emergency Procedures Posters for the UW-Seattle Campus

UWEM recently updated the UW Seattle-campus Emergency Procedures Poster. In 2002, UW Emergency Management received a one-time FEMA grant that funded the initial development, printing and installation of over 2,000 “Emergency Procedures Posters” on the Seattle campus. Posters were placed in general use classrooms, auditoriums, laboratories and other public gathering spaces. Buildings constructed after 2003 included the costs for these posters in their capital budget. While the information on the 2003 posters is still generally valid, some new information was recommended to refresh the content (i.e. UW alert, emergency blog, weather links, etc.). UWEM consulted with UW EH&S and UWPD for the revised content. While central funding to replace the old posters is not available, anyone can view, download and/or print these revised posters (both letter & legal size) to post or distribute as many copies of the poster the wish to any member of the campus community. Please note that the online UW Emergency Procedures posters are different for each campus (Bothell, Seattle, Tacoma).  Contact your local safety coordinator if you have questions on a specific poster.