UW Emergency Management

Emergency Readiness Committee (ERC)

ERC Committee “on-pause” until further notice (update 3_10_2022)

Effective January 7, 2022, all activities and meetings of the UW Emergency Readiness Committee have been suspended indefinitely.

(03/10/22) UW Board of Regents met on March 9th, 2022 and were presented with information from UW Enterprise Risk Management regarding the University’s risk profile and the strategies employed to manage and to mitigate risks.  As a path forward, the presentation included a milestone to  Charter and charge a new Emergency Management Planning Committee, to replace the now-sunsetted Emergency Readiness Committee.


(01/06/22)  UW senior leadership is expected to charter a new Emergency Management Planning Committee (EMPC) to assist UW departments and units in developing and implementing plans that will further enhance the University’s overall disaster resilience posture.  Statement from ERC Executive Sponsor, Vice President Lou Cariello:  “I’d like to officially announce today that…the emergency readiness committee is going to be on a pause.  After today’s meeting the intent will be to work on modifying and aligning the effort that we take in the ERC to align with the campus safety organization that will be redesigned re-imagined in the future.”  All current and past ERC members were thanked for their service.

Information on the future of the ERC and the new EMPC committee will be posted on this webpage as it becomes available.  (NOTE:  The information below is provided as historic reference of past ERC activities, membership, mission and meeting structure.)

The UW’s Emergency Readiness Committee (ERC) is was composed of diverse representatives from UW operating departments and units that provide guidance and strategic oversight for the University’s overall emergency, disaster management and business continuity programs.  In addition, we invite active participation from the various academic, research, and student governance groups.  It is led by both a Chair and Vice-Chair who are both elected for 2-year concurrent terms.  The 2021/2022 Chair is Scott Nelson, Fire Safety and Engineering Manager in the the UW’s Environmental Health & Safety Department.  He can be reached at 206-221-7055, sdnpe@uw.edu.  The 2021/2022 Vice-Chair is Danica Little, Emergency Management Director for UW Medicine (206-598-2837, littleda@uw.edu)

The ERC meets bi-monthly to discuss and share best practices as they relate to disaster/crisis planning, training and other preparedness, mitigation and recovery issues as well as to assist in the management of the UW disaster resilience efforts. Meetings are open to any interested member of the UW community (students, faculty and staff).  A current copy of the committee’s Charter can be found by clicking HERE.


Meeting Schedule (dates and times)

The ERC has a standing meeting schedule/time. We meet on the odd-numbered months (January, March, May, July, September and November) on the 1st Thursday of each month.  The time of each meeting is from 1:30 pm until 3:30 pm.  Click HERE for a current ERC meeting schedule/calendar including meeting dates and locations.   The default meeting location is the UW’s Emergency Operations Center Large Conference Room (UW Tower, Suite C-140E) — if you get lost, just follow the posted building wall signs to the “Emergency Operations Center.”


COVID-19 Impact on ERC Meetings and Collaboration

Understanding the importance of this Committee’s charge and expertise, the work of the ERC continues unabated.  All ERC meetings and activities remain unchanged (same dates and times); however, the work of committee, like almost everything else, has transitioned to a socially-distant, remote model.  Until further notice, all ERC meetings will be conducted using the UW-preferred Zoom conference system (see info. below).

Participating in meetings remotely using the Zoom conference system

ERC meetings can be attended virtually or in-person.  The ERC utilizes ZOOM as the host platform for virtual attendees. Specific meeting ZOOM login and access information is provided via direct Outlook calendar invites and is included on each meeting agenda.

If you are new to ZOOM meetings, we recommend checking out  this quick “how-to-guide” video.  Some key things to know when participating in a ZOOM meeting:

Please call UWEM at 206-897-8000 (or email us at disaster@uw.edu)  for a copy of the current or any past past meeting materials – agendas, minutes, handouts and schedule.

Committee Membership and Voting Rights

The committee invites representatives and participation from the entire institution; however the following 20 departments and units are considered “core” members and may officially make motions, vote and run for leadership positions:

Environmental Health & Safety Dept. Risk Services Department
Health Sciences Administration UW Facilities
Housing & Food Services UW Finance
Human Resource Department UW Medicine
Intercollegiate Athletics UW Police Department
Office of Global Affairs UW-Bothell campus
Office of Student Life UW News
Procurement Services Department UW-IT (Information Technology)
Provost’s Office

Office of Research

UW-Tacoma campus

Academic Affairs


As the Executive Secretary of the ERC, the UW Emergency Management (UWEM) Director (or his/her proxy) is considered a ERC core member; however, he/she may only vote in the case of a tie among the other core members present at the time of a vote.

Non-Voting Members

Any other interested UW department, unit, college or affiliated-functions not listed above (such as off-site research stations) may assign or send one or more representatives to participate in any ERC meetings or function.  Non-voting members may participate in discussions, make presentations and be active in special projects, task groups and other Committee activities.  However, they may not make formal motions or vote on any actions being considered by the Committee.

Ex-Officio Members

By virtue of their responsibilities, mission, expertise, technical knowledge and/or ability to provide additional stakeholder input, the following organizations are considered as ex-officio members and will be invited to attend each ERC meeting:

  • ASUW (Associated Students of the University of Washington)
  • Attorney General’s Office (assigned to the UW)
  • City of Seattle Office of Emergency Management
  • GPSS (Graduate & Professional Student Association)
  • King County Office of Emergency Management

Similar to the ERC non-voting members, ex-officio members may also participate in all committee discussions, be active on special projects and task forces; however, they are precluded from voting in any official capacity, either on official floor motions or in officer elections.