UW Emergency Management

Crisis communication plan & UW Alert

UW Emergency Management works with other University partners to ensure that the right people are notified at the right time in times of emergencies, disasters and crises. The UW’s crisis communication plan provides guidelines for communicating within the university and from the university to the media and the public in the event of an emergency.  This plan is developed and implemented by a university-wide team from over 8 departments to ensure that it is tested and updated on a regular basis.

What is the difference between UW Alert, UW Indoor Alert, UW Outdoor Alert and the UW emergency blog? Learn about how emergency communications works at the UW.  We also have a short UWAlert YouTube video that describes each tool and how to get connected and be informed when disaster strikes!

Want an quick, easy-to-reproduce color flyer highlighting all the current campus alert systems and tools available?  Click here for a PDF 2-page flyer describing the “UW’s Toolkit for Crises and Emergency Communications”.  The flyer describes the variety of systems that can be activated by UW authorities to notify our campus community of an active incident, disaster or pending threats. (NOTE:  the handout is primarily for the Seattle campus.  Contact your campus safety teams for other campus’ tools and resources)