UW Emergency Management

Fire and building evacuation

The UW’s Environmental Health and Safety Department (another separate unit) maintains guidelines and provides training, consultation and support for building-related emergencies, including information on fire safety plans, drills and building-specific emergency evacuation operations plans (EEOPs). Their emergency preparedness site is a great resource to answer your questions and concerns about emergency planning and procedures as it relates to specific building safety issues.


What are these “Mass Assembly Areas” all about?

In 2002, the UW-Seattle campus established eight (8) Mass Assembly Areas throughout the campus.  These outdoor locations are co-located at/near one of the many blue UW Outdoor Alert  public address emergency communication pedestals.  In the event of a major regional or campus-wide disaster or crisis where the normal modes of communication are not functioning or inoperable (i.e. a major earthquake), students, faculty, staff and visitors should congregate in one of these 8 mass assembly areas for general updates and public information.  University public safety officials will provide timely information and guidance at these locations.