UW Emergency Management

UW Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)

For over a decade, the UW had developed and continually refined a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) in order to be prepared before, during, and following a major emergency or disaster that could impact the core operations of the university. As the general “road-map” by which the University would respond, organize and recover from all-hazards and threats (natural, technological and human-caused), this plan is intended to minimize the impacts of emergencies and disasters and ensure that people and property are well protected.

The UW’s all-Hazards Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan is updated every-other year with input from university departments and units, local and regional stakeholders as well as interested members of the general public.  The format of the plan follows national best practices utilizing a modified Incident Command System (ICS) structure by which the university re-organizes its normal decision-making structure in order to facilitate more rapid situational assessment and decision-making when in a crisis.