UW Emergency Management

February 1, 2023

Some Big Changes coming to UWEM

2023 will see some big changes in the way the UW will address it’s approach to disaster preparedness.  On the heels of the release of two independent program reviews in 2022 and in an effort to refresh and build upon the many successful efforts over the past 20 years, a number of major initiatives are being planned to give more visibility and much-needed support for this critical University program.  Beginning with last year’s sunset of the old ERC advisory committee and appointment of a new Preparedness Oversight Committee, hiring a new Continuity & Resilience Planning Manager (vacant throughout the pandemic) and initiating a hiring search for a new UWEM Director to guide the program in a new direction … change is in the air.  As part of a larger attempt to re-imagine campus safety with the establishment of a new Division of Campus Community Safety, UW leadership is looking to elevate the University’s disaster resilience posture by building on the many successful UWEM programs and applying lessons-learned from past experiences.