UW Emergency Management

June 14, 2023

Summer emergency preparedness: outdoor air quality and extreme heat info

Hello Summer on a yellow background with illustrations of cameras, swimsuits, palm trees, sunglasses, shells, flip flops, a life ring and boat anchor. As we prepare for Washington’s wildfire season and warmer temperatures, UW Emergency Management is sharing updated guidance and tips for students, faculty and staff in the event of prolonged unhealthy outdoor air quality and/or extreme heat.

The webpages have info about how to check conditions, recommended actions for the different levels of unhealthy outdoor air quality and extreme heat and where UW will provide information if operations are affected by air quality or heat.

UW’s Emergency Management office coordinates the University’s response and convenes UW’s Weather Status Assessment Group when the outdoor air quality index reaches (or is expected to reach) unhealthy levels for an extended period of time or our area experiences prolonged periods of extreme heat (or both).