UW Emergency Management

Who are We? How to Find/Contact Us

UW Emergency Management (UWEM)

Our general office phone & fax

206.897.8000  (206.897.8001 fax)

UWEM 24/7 duty officer cell phone



Steven J.  Charvat, CEM, MPA

Emergency Management Director

206.897.8080 (office)

206.765.7192 (duty phone)


Barry W. Morgan

Plans, Training & Exercise (PT&E) Manager

206.897.1882  (office)



(Vacant since Sept. 2019)

Business, Academic and Research Continuity (BARC) Program Manager

UWEM Team Jump

A flash-back to 2016!


Find us

Office address:
UW Tower, Suite C-140 (C-Building, 1st Floor)
Box 359531 University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195-9531

Find directions to UW Tower, our offices and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), please refer to the information and map below:

Some Tips on Finding us  …where we are physically located :

  1. While UWEM has 24/7 responsibilities, 365 days a year, due to staff reductions and COVID-19 remote work arrangements, our officespace and EOC is not occupied most of the time.  So unless you have a confirmed appointment or in-person meeting scheduled on-site, it is recommended to call first to confirm that someone will be there to meet you.
  2. The UWEM offices and EOC are “buried the bowels” of the much larger and somewhat confusing UW Tower multi-building complex in the University District (refer to the map and access information below)
  3. Once you are in the secure part of the UW Tower complex – past the security gates – follow the signs to the C-Building where we are located.
  4. Once in the C-Building, find the elevator lobby.  Once in the elevator, press the button for the 1st Floor.
  5. Once you are on the C-1 level, turn left.  Follow the posted wall signs to “Emergency Management/EOC”
  6. Keep following the long & winding hallway until you have reached the very end (near the Men’s and Women’s restrooms).
  7. Our offices & EOC are on the right-hand side.  The secure space is locked and access-controlled.
  8. Use the wall-mounted courtesy phone to call the UWEM staff member you are visiting and someone will let you in.
  9. Optional Tip:  Dropping breadcrumbs along your entry path may assist you in your exit journey!

Directions to the UW Tower

The UW Tower properties is just 2 block west of Seattle main campus’ north entrance, and a 10 minute walk to central campus. The UW Tower is a secure building. You will need a UW Husky Card to enter. Non-UW visitors will need a government-issued ID to enter and be escorted to our suite upon check-in with the Security Desk personnel.

The physical (street) address for the UW Tower is:
4333 Brooklyn Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Printable UW Tower directions

For more information on getting to the UW Tower, parking, shuttle and public transit options and building access and security practices, please click HERE to be taken to the UW Tower’s website with detailed information and tips.  (NOTE:  There is no free parking anywhere in the U-District, so don’t ask!)


Who is “in-charge” of the Department?

On a day-to-day basis, the UWEM Director has been appointed and is authorized to perform all the duties and responsibilities assigned based on his/her official job description.  However, our department also plans for those times or instances (death, incapacity due to a disaster, travel, etc…) where the Director is unable or unwilling to perform or the position becomes vacant.  In those rare cases, our department would enact our internal “Delegation of Authority” procedure by placing temporary authority to other pre-designated individuals to act in his/her absence.  A current copy of the UWEM Delegation of Authority memo can be found HERE.