UW Emergency Management


The University of Washington has elements of business, academic operations and funded research that must be protected from disruption. Therefore, the University of Washington encourages and promotes resiliency when faced with adversities. We believe continuity of business, academics and research is key to overcoming disasters. In order to achieve these, we encourage risk reduction and mitigation, in which educational facilities as well as businesses set necessary steps for recovery plans and strategies.


What is the difference between Resilience and Sustainability?

  • Resilience:  The ability to recovery quickly from adversities; the ability of communities (including the UW) to mitigate hazards, reduce the effects of adversity, and to recover from disaster events.
  • Sustainability:  The ability to survive into the future on a long-term basis; sustainable communities have a long-term perspective and focus on both current and future needs.

Visit the UW’s Sustainability Office for a wide-variety of programs and opportunities that promote and celebrate a sustainableUW!