UW Emergency Management

Immediate emergency assistance

Dial 9-1-1 from any phone – including cell phones

Police emergency

TTY: 206-543-3323





Medical emergencies





Fire emergencies




Campus mass assembly areas

The University of Washington has designated and approved eight (8) outdoor Mass Assembly Areas for the dissemination of critical news, alerts and information to the campus in the event of a major disaster or emergency. These sites may be staffed with UW volunteers or staff who will be in direct contact with the UW’s crisis communications team and/or emergency operations center staff. When activated, these sites will serve as focal points for up-to-date, timely and accurate campus disaster information. They are intended to serve primarily as one-way information hubs for “official” campus information (i.e. Is campus closed? Where do I go for help? Are classes postponed? What evacuation routes are open? etc…) Future plans for these 8 sites include a provision of emergency triage and medical care, feeding and distribution of disaster supplies (currently unfunded). For a PDF map of the current mass assembly areas year 2016. These sites are located outdoors due to the high likelihood of building or structural damage after a major earthquake.

American Red Cross “Safe and Well Registry”

Following a disaster, it is important to let your family and friends know that you are OK. The American Red Cross has established a Safe and Well website that the UW intends to use if a significant emergency or disaster impacts our campuses.

Everyone will be encouraged to go to the Safe and Well website to report their status. The information you can post includes:

Your name
Whether you are safe
Your location
Contact information
A custom message

Family and friends will be directed to the Safe and Well website and will be able to search for you based on the information you provide. Please note that phone lines may be busy or unavailable after a significant event and UW resources will be directed toward response and recovery efforts. As such, the UW will not be able to provide individual status updates.

Learn more about Safe and Well at http://www.safeandwell.org.

Regional Public Information Network (RPIN)

To find out more information, visit the Regional Public Information Network (RPIN)