Class Descriptions

OUT-StandingBB2Class Descriptions

“I used to get a lot of test anxiety, my heart rate would go up and I would get so stressed I couldn’t really think. Now I know I can stop, close my eyes and breathe.” 


A partner-based practice that blends aspects of circus, gymnastics, and yoga into a fun movement experience. Spotting will be taught to support postures and all poses and transitions will be spotted. No prior experience with yoga or acroyoga required.*

Deep Stretch

A slower practice focused on active stretching of muscles and opening of connective tissue. This class utilizes simple spinal motion, quick warming of larger muscle groups, and use of props to enhance the stretching experience and provide overall rejuvenation. Release built up tension, prevent injury, increase blood flow to muscles, and increase long-term flexibility. No prior experience with yoga required.

Deep Relaxation

This 25 minute progressive relaxation will support your body to release built up tension, let go of mental stagnation, and rejuvenate wholeheartedly so you can reengage with the rest of your day. Lay down, unplug, and simply be.  No prior experience with yoga or meditation required.


A medium pace practice that weaves together synchronized movement and breath with longer posture holds. This class emphasizes basic alignment principles and creative sequencing to foster greater mental clarity and awareness. Cultivate physical strength, reduce stress, increase brain functionality, and improve spinal health. No prior experience with yoga required.  

Gentle Yoga

A slower practice focused on conscious breathing and basic postures to support a state of relaxation. This class employs fluid warming motions focused on the six movements of the spine and builds a little heat utilizing shorter posture holds. Reduce stress, strengthen awareness, prevent cartilage and joint breakdown, and cultivate a more mindful relationship to breath. No prior experience with yoga required.


A practice that strengthens mental attentiveness and facilitates the ability to step back, take inventory of the present moment, and make more skillful and empowered decisions for the sake of a more centered, peaceful, and enriched life. This class utilizes brief spinal warm ups and various meditation focal points that provide a strong foundation for greater awareness. Increase mental clarity, improve productivity, reduce stress, and gain a more expanded conscious perspective. No prior experience with meditation required.

Restorative Yoga

A slow practice that allows the body to spend ample time in each integrative posture. This class utilizes a brief sequence of spinal warmups and breath connection to pave the way for deep relaxation. Restore a state of greater calm, reduce muscle tension, increase immunity, and ease mental anxiety. No prior experience with yoga required.


This class fuses Vinyasa Flow with the added challenge of a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). After a brief on-shore paddle lesson, you will journey through the natural environment to where we’ll anchor for the remainder of class. Classes include a warm-up, a dynamic flow, and a meditative cool down. Posture options will be offered for all levels. We’ll refine paddle technique and add more challenging poses over the 7 week series. This class is beginner friendly, no prior SUP or yoga experience necessary.*


A more dynamic heat building practice that synchronizes movement with breath. This class utilizes progressive and creative sequencing to build towards a peak pose that enlivens your body, mind, and heart. Cultivate physical strength, cardiovascular health, mindful awareness, and a greater sense of overall wellbeing. Some experience with yoga recommended.

*Classes offered only through the IMA Mindfulness programing.