Young Writers Unite

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This lesson is designed for campers who are at an early elementary reading level. The site used, KidPub, was developed by a father who wanted to encourage his daughter to write. KidPub allows campers to write and share stories with other kids.


Your campers will write and share their own stories. You can encourage them to write about any topic or you can have them focus on stories associated with their experiences at camp.

Web Site



Very little lecture time is necessary for this lesson. You will need to provide the URL and give an explanation of what the campers can do at this site. Then, just let them go to it. A possible presentation outline is offered below.

  • Present a captivating introduction to the lesson. Perhaps ask a camper to tell a short story about a camping experience.
  • Provide an overview of today's activity.
  • Distribute the worksheet and facilitate today's activity.
  • Summarize and discuss what was learned today. Encourage campers to share their stories.