Activity Worksheet: Young Writers Unite


Today you will become a published writer as you explore the KidPub Web site. Follow the instructions to find the site and write your own story.

  1. Find the KidPub site at this URL:
  2. Go to the Questions and Answers section to learn more about KidPub. When you have finished exploring this section, go back to KidPub.
  3. Read some of the stories that have been published by other children. Look under Newest Stories or Older Stories or KidPub Publisher's Picks. Do you have some ideas about what kind of story you would like to write? How about writing about things you've done at camp?
  4. Go back to KidPub and look under the section called How to Publish Your Story. You'll learn how to submit your own story to this site. Here is an example of a story written by Travis who is seven and lives in Seattle:

    My Story by Travis
    When I went to Camp Courage Robbie and I went swimming and rode horses. A funny thing happened one day Rick put me and Robbie up in the rafters of the cabin. We ate in the cafeteria and played at Robbie's cabin.

    Info About Me!
    Besides free time I like math. I go to Laurelhurst Elementary School. I have two gerbils and two gold fish. Their names are Cookie and Brownie and Goldie and Swimmy.

  5. Now write your own story and submit it. Write the title of your story and one sentence about it below.