How can web pages be made accessible to individuals who have cognitive disabilities?

DO-IT Factsheet #358

When designing web pages it is important to keep in mind the diversity of skills and abilities of the people who may visit the site. If a website will appeal to a broad audience that includes individuals with cognitive disabilities, then the website should be designed with those individuals in mind. Features that make websites easy to comprehend and navigate for everyone are often the most helpful for people with cognitive disabilities.

Basic strategies for making web pages accessible to individuals with cognitive disabilities include those listed below.



Text and Graphics

For more information on design considerations relative to people who have various types of cognitive disabilities consult Cognitive Disabilities and the Web: Where Accessibility and Usability Meet [1] and Cognitive Disabilities [2].

Principles of universal design and usability should be followed in all web design. For more information on these concepts consult the DO-IT Knowledge Base article What is the difference between accessible, usable, and universal design? [3]