How can nontechnical administrators ensure that the websites their employees create and maintain are accessible to people with disabilities?

DO-IT Factsheet #292

Designing an accessible website is not difficult when accessibility is considered along with other design issues at the beginning of a project. To create resources that can be used by the widest spectrum of potential website visitors rather than an "average" person, webmasters can apply "universal design" principles. Designers should routinely think of the broad range of characteristics their site visitors might have and design their resources so that they are accessible to everyone. They should consider the needs of individuals with disabilities, older persons, people for whom English is a second language, and those using outdated hardware and software.

To design accessible web content, staff should avoid inaccessible data types and features or provide alternative methods and formats for content access. Additionally, administrators should take the following steps in order to ensure the accessibility of websites in their organizations.

For more information and additional guidance on how to ensure that websites in your organizations are accessible to everyone, see the publication Web Accessibility: Guidelines for Administrators [1].