UW Emergency Management

People with disabilities, medical needs, and elderly

Persons with disabilities or medical needs are found throughout campus, with a significant concentration at the University of Washington Medical Center. Between students, staff, visitors, and medical patients, over 2,350 individuals with disabilities/medical needs are on campus during a typical weekday when school is in session. Peak levels are seen during the traditional school year and large sporting or special events. Recommendations:

  • University units and programs that have or host individuals with medical needs/disability should update current emergency plans based on emerging medical needs/disability guidelines and lessons learned in recent disasters
  • Include individuals with and experts of medical needs/disability in emergency planning and in emergency drills
  • Improve dissemination of emergency information to individuals with medical needs/disability, faculty, and staff, making use of the university’s medical needs/disability resources
  • Incorporate the individuals with disabilities/medical needs census into the map of campus hazards
  • Investigate the possibility of implementing a voluntary emergency location and communication system using text messaging, two-way radios, or global positioning sensors

General disability resources

For medical concerns:

For the elderly: