UW Emergency Management

February 7, 2020

Build Your Plan in a Year

The Build Your Plan in a Year pilot provides one small set of tasks each month for a year, with the goal of enabling a department to build a continuity of operations plan for business, academic and research programs. For more information about the conception and aims of this pilot, please view the blog post, “One Year to Husky Ready.”

Below is the list of tasks. Each month as the task list for the month is launched, it will be linked below. This is meant only to assist departments in dividing the task of continuity planning into smaller pieces. You do not need to start your planning in January and end in December. You do not need to complete each step in a month; you can combine two into one month, or spread one over three months.


Pre-Work prior to drafting your plan (2-4 hours)

Some preliminary advance work needs to take place before launching into drafting your continuity plan.  If you (or your department) does not currently have a written continuity plan, or you are unsure, individuals involved in this effort will need to

Section I – Get to know your Org (13 hours)
Month 1: Collect key information about your organization (4 hours)
Month 2: Define your resources (3 hours)
Month 3: Identify your critical functions (6 Hours)

Section II – Identify your risks and dependencies (14.5 hours)
Month 4: Support your critical functions (6 hours)
Month 5: Review your Critical Functions (2 hours)
Month 6: Identify your daily IT needs and dependencies (4.5 Hours)
Month 7: Plan to restart IT and work from home (2 hours)

Section III – Mitigate and Prepare to Implement (8 hours)
Month 8: Staff preparedness (3 hours)
Month 9: Recovery and Continuity (3 hours)
Month 10: Staffing in Times Crisis (2 hours)

Section IV – Review Your Plan (4 hours and 5 minutes)
Month 11: Review with UWEM (5 minutes)
Month 12: Exercise with your team (4 hours)

Questions about this pilot can be directed to our BARC manager.