Manage Groups

This tool allows an Administrator to change the detail of GCA Groups.

To edit a group, click on the Edit link to the left of the group’s row. The page will re-display and the row’s information will become editable.  On the left, to new links will appear so that you can Update or Cancel the change.

sera admin tools manage groups

For each of the fields, select or enter a value.

Field Description
Group Label Enter a team name
Group Description Enter an appropriate description for the team
Manager Use the drop-down menu to select the manager
BFAL Use the drop-down menu to select the BFAL for this group
Default Location Pick the appropriate Desk from the drop-down menu
Group Email Enter the desired email address for this team
Group Phone Enter the desired phone number for this team

Click Update to save your changes, or Cancel to return to the list without making any changes.

Use the Delete link to mark a group as inactive.

To return to the Manage GCA Groups, Users, Locations and Organization Mappings page, click Back to Choices.