Other: Reassign

You can change the Other Form’s assignment by clicking the Reassign link on the left navigation menu.

Clicking the link opens a pop-up window. The read-only section provides information about the form you are working on.

sera other item reassign

  • Record ID – unique, system-assigned number
  • Form Type – New, Renewal, Extension or Supplement
  • Budget Request Type(s) – the type(s) chosen
  • PI Name – from the eGC1
  • Responsible Department – name and org code
  • Budget – the number assigned/confirmed for this form
  • Biennium – the budget’s corresponding biennium
  • Current Location – the Team/Desk or location the advance is assigned to

The editable fields are:

  • Comments – an optional field; any comments entered will appear on the History & Comments page
  • Assign Item…to Location – select the new Team/Desk or location from the drop-down menu

Click Reassign to complete the process or Cancel to return to the advance.