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The SAGE Release Calendar provides SAGE users with awareness of work in progress and a schedule for upcoming releases.  You can also review historical release details in the Release History section.

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Release History

Below are the dates of our historical project and maintenance releases.  Not included are production support patches that may have gone out intermittently in response to urgent needs.

This document covers the years 2020 to the present. A second document covers the years 2017-2019.

Review the SAGE Product Updates for more detailed information on features and fixes for any of the release dates below. The updates are generally linked from the Release Description.

2023 Releases Delivered

Release Date Release Description
September 14, 2023 Awards Updates and Grant Runner Forms-H

  • Search in Award Requests List
  • Change the Linked SAGE Budget from an Award Setup Request
  • Grant Runner Updated with FORMS-H
  • Additional Maintenance and Fixes
August 31, 2023 SAGE Maintenance and Fixes
August 17, 2023 SAGE Maintenance Release

  • SAGE users can delete modification request when created in SAGE in Composing status, but not modification requests created by OSP in SAGE Central and sent to Campus to complete (even though status is in Composing).
  • OSP can delete modification requests when created in SAGE Central in OSP Setup status.
  • Ability to change an incorrectly connected eGC1 or Budget on Award Setup Requests
  • Campus users will not be able to delete a SAGE Budget that is connected to an ASR
  • Modification requests will display in the Award Request List based on the Award
    Application (eGC1) Contacts & Access page.
  • Ad hoc reviewers of Award Setup Requests (ASRs) can now view, open and approve ASRs in their request list
  • SAGE Budget rounding error correction
August 10, 2023 SAGE Maintenance Release

  • Modification Request Validations: The following validations have been added to Modifications to ensure the form is completed correctly:
    • A message will display on the “Review & Submit” section to confirm the Award Preparer is added to the “Access & Roles” section.
    • A gray check mark will display next to each section of the Modification that has been completed.
  • Users Able to Approve Advances: Previously, campus approvers were unable to approve advances when a newly created eGC1 included only the Cost Center, and the Organization Code (Org Code) did not exist. This fix allows these Advances to be approved by department approvers.
  • Approval Workflow Now Generates Correctly When Award Preparer Is Added: Approval workflows for Award Setup Requests and Modifications were not generating correctly when an award preparer was added to the eGC1 after the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) had created the Award Setup Request or Modification. Campus users can now refresh the Approvals page to generate the correct approval workflow so that the Award Setup Request or Modification can be submitted.
  • Deletion of OSP-Initiated Award Setup Requests: As noted in a previous announcement, Award Setup Requests initiated by OSP cannot be deleted by campus users in order to prevent accidental loss of OSP work.
  • eGC1 Search Fix: When searching eGC1s in advanced search, duplicate eGC1 search results have been removed.
  • Advance Budget Extension Request End Dates: An issue with Advance Budget Extension requests where the end date was not calculating correctly has been fixed.
  • Budget Display for Award Setup Requests: When searching for budgets to connect to an Award Setup Request, SAGE will display only budgets that are not already connected to an eGC1 or Award Setup Request.
July 19, 2023 ORIS FT SAGE Modifications Release

  • Award Modifications (MODs): Campus and OSP can create and route Award Modification Requests
  • SAGE Central: Filter Award Request List by OSP and GCA individual and/or team assignments
July 7, 2023 ORIS FT SAGE Release

  • Award Setup Requests
  • Cost Centers
  • SAGE Central
  • UW Centralized Sponsor & Donor Data
March 16, 2023 SAGE Maintenance Release

  • HR/Payroll Web Service Update
  • FCOI Label Updates in FIDS

2022 Releases Delivered

Release Date Release Description
December 27, 2022 SAGE Maintenance Release
September 22, 2022 SAGE Maintenance Release

  • Cipher and Cloud Migration Transition
  • Adjustments to Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Labels
June 8, 2022 SAGE Maintenance:  .NET Framework Upgrade

  • A technical infrastructure release only to upgrade the .NET Framework to version 4.8, across the SAGE Suite.
  • This update is necessary to keep the infrastructure stable, secure, and covered under Microsoft support plans.
February 23, 2022 SAGE Maintenance: Grant Runner Forms-G updates
January 28-29, 2022 SAGE Budget: Legacy Budget Format Deprecation

2021 Releases Delivered

Release Date Release Description
September 2, 2021 September 2021 Advance Maintenance Release
June 22, 2021 Advance Budget Request Approval Change
June 8, 2021 Advance Budget Requests Streamlining

  • Advance eligibility determined by system
  • New design for ease of entry
  • Electronic routing replaces paper approvals and expedites SFI reviews
  • Streamlined business unit processes
  • Prepares for future Workday forms and processes
  • GIM 9 alignment with new process
April 21, 2021 SAGE Maintenance
February 25, 2021 SAGE Maintenance

  • APL Fixed Fee
  • Sea Pay

2020 Releases Delivered

Release Date Release Description
December 17, 2020 SAGE Maintenance
October 6, 2020 SAGE Maintenance
August 19, 2020 SAGE Maintenance
June 25, 2020 SAGE Budget Redesign
May 5, 2020 SAGE Grant Runner Forms F
January 8, 2020 SAGE Maintenance Release

  • Session Timeout Handling Improvements

September 2019 Fall Maintenance Release


Updates to Post-Award Change (PAC)

In order to improve the data quality, reporting, and analytics around award data, the following changes have been made to the Post-Award Change in SPAERC and SERA:

  • Addition of Revised Start Date field, displayed for the PAC Requested Change type “Start Date Change”
  • Addition of Revised End Date field, displayed for PAC Requested Change types “Extension”, “Early Termination”, or “Relinquishment”
  • Addition of Temporary End Date field, displayed for PAC Requested Change type “Temporary Budget Extension” (formerly called “Advanced Extension”)
  • Addition of Modification Number field
  • Addition of Originating Sponsor Award Number field, which will pre-populate from the parent FA data, when present.

Updates to PAC Notification PDF

The above new PAC fields will also be displayed on the PDF attachment that is sent to campus when a PAC has been processed.

Updates to Pending Actions Report

The above new PAC fields are also included on the GCA Pending Actions Report

PAC Requested Change Type Updates

The following changes have been made to existing PAC types:

  • “Advanced Extension” is now relabeled as “Temporary Budget Extension”
  • “Significant Financial Interest” has been removed
  • “Create Program Income” has been removed
  • “Change of Award” has been removed
  • “Change in Authorized Action” has been removed

The removed PAC Requested Change types will continue to display on historical PACs.

Update to Cycle View of PAC Data

When in the SPAERC or SERA Cycle view, the PAC row will now display the new Revised Start Date, Revised End Date, and Temporary End Date fields when populated.

Intellectual Property Provisions validation message update

The validation message that appears when the Intellectual Property Provisions question is not answered will now match the current question label, for added clarity.

SERA only: Future budget biennium selection removed

The Budget Biennium field, updated by GCA in many of the items in SERA, will no longer show future biennium dates for selection. This change will help prevent erroneous biennium selections.

July 2019 Maintenance Release

FIX: Unprocessing of FAs/PACs/ADVs Can Cause Errors

Periodically GCA staff need to “unprocess” an item previously completed. When new fields are added to SPAERC and SERA, it would at times cause validation messages at time of unprocessing of an item, that were not able to be corrected by GCA. The system has been updated to suppress validations during unprocessing, to alleviate this problem. The validations will again run when the item is re-processed.

March 2016 Maintenance Release


Links to New SERA User Guide

Additional help icons (question marks) have been added to SERA. These link to contextual help in the new SERA User Guide.


Error when Inactivating Advances

An issue that was causing users to receive an error when trying to discard advances has been fixed.

December 2015 Maintenance Release


Expose Cycle Details tab in SERA

GCA can now view cycle details from SERA. This provides GCA staff with greater visibility to the relationship between items, and makes it easier to quickly research the chronology of an award.

Subcontracts open in a new browser window in SERA

Subcontracts in SERA will now always open in a new browser window and will include navigation to related cycle items.

October 2015 Maintenance Release


Allow GCA to delete their own attachments

GCA is now able to delete erroneously uploaded attachments to the funding action and post-award change in SERA. When an attachment is deleted, a note is added to the item recording who deleted the attachment and at what time.

Bug Fixes

Sponsored Program Activity Type and Clinical Trial Phase validations will no longer be applied in SERA

Sponsored Program Activity Type and Clinical Trial Phase, which are read-only fields on the FA in SERA, were at times generating validation errors in SERA when the fields contained missing or invalid entries. The system has been updated to no longer trigger these validations in SERA. The validation rules will be applied only in SPAERC, and FAs already in GCA or completed prior to these fields being added to the system will not be subject to the validation rules.

FA or PAC returned by GCA getting bad dates when flipped and re-sent

When an item is converted from PAC to FA or FA to PAC the “Received in GCA” date is no longer defaulted to 01/01/0001. Instead, it now shows the actual “Received in GCA” date for the item.

September 2015 Maintenance Release

Bug Fix

Older FAs in SERA have problems opening

An issue that had prevented Funding Actions that predated the creation of the Authorized Action field from being opened in SERA has been fixed.

July 2015 Maintenance Release


View FA Sponsored Program Activity Type from SERA

The new Sponsored Program Activity Type field will be viewable on the Funding Actions in SERA.

Update SERA Pending Activities Report with Sponsored Program Activity Type and Institutional Activity Category fields

The “Export Pending Actions” report in SERA will be updated to include the new Institutional Activity Category, and the Type of Award field will be replaced with the new Sponsored Program Activity Type field.

October 2014 Maintenance Release


Make Short Title field uppercase

The Short Title field for FA or PAC inherits the original value from its parent eGC1 which typically is a mixed case entry. A change has been made to always store and display this field in uppercase in SERA independent of the eGC1. This will help speed up data entry as GCA staff can directly copy and paste the data in FIN, and the budget name will already be in uppercase as required by FIN.

Include new FA and PAC data elements in extract

About 30 additional FA/PAC fields have been identified by GCA and added to the data extract (through “Export Pending Actions” from the “Search” tab in SERA). The new fields are added to the end of the file, and the GCA flag is listed as 9 separate yes/no columns on the report. The addition of these fields will help speed up the budget setup process as GCA staff won’t need to look for the information elsewhere.

Make FA “Total Cost Share Amount” Field format Numeric

The “Total Cost Share Amount” field on an FA (previously alphanumerical format) has been cleaned up and all historic non-numeric data has been purged (approved by OSP). The field has been reformatted to accept numeric values only. It is allowed to be empty when the Cost Share flag is “no”, and a numeric value or zero is required when Cost Share is “yes” per business rules. This change will help with cost share amount calculation and match that to Cost Share Summary in eFECS. As a result of this change, the reporting field “totalCostShareAmount” in the Award table in the EDW 1.0 database RAD has also been updated to numeric.

Update auto-generated ADV emails and add to Admin tools

The auto-generated campus notification emails (for FA, PAC and ADV) have been edited by GCA and updated in SERA. The content of these emails is now stored in the admin database and can now be managed through the SAGE admin tool. A new admin UI “SAGE/SERA” (similar to SAGE/SPAERC) is yet to be developed so GCA staff can access this admin tool and manage the content of these emails. This task will be included in a future release (to be prioritized and scheduled).

March 2014 Maintenance Release


Subcontract UI changes

The SERA system has been updated to show the full PO number for all types of PO’s that could be used for subcontracts (T requisition numbers, Ariba EI and BPO numbers). SERA subcontract search has been updated to allow for searching on PAS and ARIBA type of PO numbers.