Manage GCA Users

This tool allows an Administrator to add a new user, or to update the information for an existing user, as shown in the following image.

sera admin tool manage users

To add a user, select them from the “Sage User” drop-down menu.  The names on this menu are in order alphabetically by last name. There are a lot of blank rows at the top of the table, so you’ll need to scroll down a few times to see the names. If you don’t find the user on the list, ask them to sign into SAGE ( once. This adds them to the database of Sage Users and then you can select them.

Select an appropriate role for the person. Choices are:

  • GCA Manager
  • GCA Research Accountant
  • GCA Cash
  • GCA Front Desk
  • GCA System Support

For each of the fields, select or enter a value.

Field Description
Group Label Enter a team name
Group Description Enter an appropriate description for the team
Manager Use the drop-down menu to select the manager
BFAL Use the drop-down menu to select the BFAL for this group
Default Location Pick the appropriate Desk from the drop-down menu
Group Email Enter the desired email address for this team
Group Phone Enter the desired phone number for this team

Click Update to save your changes, or Cancel to return to the list without making any changes.

Use the Delete link to mark a group as inactive.

To return to the Manage GCA Groups, Users, Locations and Organization Mappings page, select Back to Choices at the bottom of the page.