Awards Access & Roles

The Access & Roles page displays a read-only list of the individuals who have access to the Award Setup Request or Modification Request and their level of access, as well as other details. Access is shared with the selected eGC1.

The table displays one contact per row. The columns of information include:

  • Contact
  • Role
  • Permissions
  • Primary Organization (cost center) – only for Owners
  • Email – only for Owners
  • Phone – only for Owners

The following image shows the Access & Roles page with some example data.

Award Setup Request Access and Roles

Access Roles

Individuals with a role that has Owner permissions are listed first in the table, followed by any General Collaborators. The Owner rows display in the following order:

  • Award Preparer
  • Advance Preparer
  • Budget Preparer (if applicable)
  • eGC1 Preparer
  • Pre-Award Budget Contact
  • Administrative Contact
  • Principal Investigator

All Owner roles display even if there is no one assigned to that role. General Collaborators will display in the order added.

By default, the person who creates the Award Setup Request becomes the Award Preparer. The exception is when OSP creates the request, the Award Preparer will be empty when the PI or administrator first views it. An Award Preparer will need to be added.

The other Owners are populated from the associated eGC1 application and from its connected budget, if applicable. An owner’s organization, email, and phone information are also displayed. Anyone with Owner permission can make changes to the request. A new request does not have any default Collaborators.

If changes are needed, then the access to the eGC1 and Award Setup Request or Modification Request must be updated independently.