Extending an Advance

Once an advance budget request has been processed, campus can request an advance budget number extension.

Advance budgets that are requested for the maximum of 12 months can be extended for up to 6 months.

NOTE: If the advance budget is requested for less than 12 months, the duration of the advance (12 months or less) + extension must be less than or equal to 18 months.

Along with the revised end date and reason for the extension, campus can indicate any sub-budgets associated with the parent advance budget that they also want extended.

Once campus submits their extension request in SAGE, you will see it on the SAGE Central Awards tasklist with the following information:

  • Request Type: Extension
  • Request Status: GCA Assigned
  • Request Status Date: (date value)

Select the Request ID or Short Title to open the Advance Budget Extension Request page.

advance budget request extension page

Once all of the budgets associated with the extension have been updated,  you can select Approve Extension.

A dialogue box will appear where you can enter an optional comment regarding the extension, and then select All Set, Notify Campus.

The following image shows the approval dialog:

advance budget request approve dialog

Once you have approved the extension, the status will update to Processed and notifications will be sent to the parent and sub-budget Principal Investigators (PIs) with the advance preparers copied.

If you select Deny extension, a confirmation dialog will display. Once you enter the required comment, the Deny, Notify Campus button will be enabled. Select it to change the advance’s status to Denied and notify campus.

The following image shows the denial dialog with a comment:

advance extension denial dialog