MOD General Information

In this section, select all of the modification categories that apply. When you select a category, additional fields display.

The categories are:

  • Funding & budgeting changes
    • SAGE Budget modifications
  • Schedule changes
    • Extensions and other award schedule modifications
  • Programmatic changes
    • Personnel, location, payment, work scope, or non-fiscal compliance modifications
  • Other changes
    • Cost center or restriction release modifications
  • End of award changes
    • Early termination and relinquishment modifications

For instructions on which modification categories to use, see the UW Research website page Award Changes.

The following image shows the category list:

General Information Modification Details

For all change categories, the additional fields are:

  • Sponsor Award Number
  • Sponsor Modification Number
  • The sponsor has a deadline for accepting the award (toggle), with the instructions: Use only when the sponsor has specified a required date to receive the signed award by to provide funding. Documentation from the sponsor will be needed to make this request.
    • Selecting the toggle displays the Deadline for Accepting Award Date field

In addition to these, if you select the Funding & budgeting changes category, the following fields display:

  • Current Authorized Spending Start Date
  • Current Authorized Spending End Date
  • Modification Application, with the instructions: Add another application (eCG1) if there is a proposal submission process for a Non-Competing Continuation, Supplement, or Revision.
  • Modification Sponsor Total for All Spending Periods

The following image shows all the additional fields:

General Information Modification additional fields