Unprocess an Item

You can use this administration tool to change the status of an item from Processed to In GCA.

From the SERA Administration page, click on the Change Status of an Item from Processed to In GCA link.

sera admin tools unprocess an item

Item Type: use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate item type of Advance, Funding Action or Post-Award Change.

Item Number: enter the item number without the prefix

Comments: add an optional explanation for the status change

Click anywhere on the page to display basic information about the item selected. The PI Name, Short Title, and Location will display.

Click Update to complete the process or Back to Previous Page to cancel out of the process.

After changing the status, the page will refresh and display the text “You have successfully changed the status of this item.” above the Item Type field.

In the History for the item, you will see an entry for the status change.

Note that when you re-process an older item, validation messages will display for any required data fields added since the unprocessed item was initially created. Add the required data and complete the processing of the item.