ASR Terms & Conditions

In this section of the form, indicate any Terms and Conditions that apply by selecting checkboxes.

Choices in the first section are:

  • Award Line Special Condition(s) Exist
  • E-Verify
  • Foreign Currency Award
  • Interest Income
  • Manual Invoicing: Additional Department Backup
  • Manual Invoicing: Adobe Edit
  • Manual Invoicing: Department Invoicing
  • Manual Invoicing: Foreign
  • Manual Invoicing: Other
  • NRSA
  • Non-Monetary
  • Retention on Sponsor Billing
  • SEFA | Multiple CFDAs
  • SEFA | Multiple CFDAs allocate expenditures chronologically (ex: supplement)
  • SEFA | Multiple CFDAs Department confirmation required Restricted for Purpose funding is co-mingled
  • SEFA | Multiple CFDAs distribute expenditures proportionally
  • SEFA | Multiple CFDAs separate award lines per CFDA to track expenditure activity individually
  • SEFA | No CFDA required confirmed with sponsor
  • SEFA | Split funding carries both federal and non-federal funding sources

The following image shows the first portion of the Terms & Conditions form section:

Terms and Conditions form first portion

Intellectual Property Provisions

Note: This section is not currently active.

Choices for the Intellectual Property Provisions portion of the Terms & Conditions section are:

  • Exclusive commercial license
  • Non-exclusive commercial license
  • Sponsored ownership over UW generated IP, including UW’s duty to assign
  • Sponsor granted interest in royalty income
  • None

Equipment Accountability

Choices on the Equipment Accountability drop-down menu are:

  • Equip. Acct.: Agency Owned
  • Equip. Acct.: Conditionally Owned
  • Equip. Acct.: None Authorized
  • Equip. Acct.: University Owned
  • Equip. Acct.: University Owned up to $5,000 and Agency owned over $5,000

The following image shows the Equipment Accountability portion of the Terms & Conditions form section:

Terms and Conditions form Equipment Accountability