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How can I check the status of my routing eGC1 and see any added notes?

On the My eGC1s list, click the value in the status column for the desired eGC1 to open the Approval Graph.  Note: The Approval Graph is not available from the status column when the eGC1 is still in Composing status.

You can also open the Approval Graph from the Certify & Route page using the link in the Process Application section.

The History & Comments page, accessible from the Approval Graph, displays a record of all approval actions taken on an application.

You can add Notes to your budget for line items and on the F&A tab. Notes will display on the print and exported versions of the budget.

There is a Notes field on the Line Setup page for the following line items:

  • (01) Salary and Wages
  • (02) Service Contracts
  • (03) Other Contractual Services
  • (04) Travel
  • (05) Supplies and Materials
  • (06) Equipment
  • (07) Retirement and Benefits (period entry pages only)
  • (08) Student Aid
  • (10) Capital Projects
  • (38) Unallocated
  • (25) Facilities and Administrative (period entry pages only)

There is a Notes icon on the F&A tab. To add a note:

  1. Click on the icon to open the notes box.
  2. Enter any text you wish.
  3. Click on the icon again to close the notes box.

budget notes example

When you return to the page, the icon will display an asterisk (*) to indicate that notes were added.

Budget notes icon with asterisk

You can re-open the notes box and edit or remove the text.