Create an Advance Budget Request

To create a new Advance Budget Request, start at the My Advance Requests page.

Note: You can only create advances for eGC1s that you have access to. Be aware that not all sponsors allow advances. For example, NIH will not allow an advance if the research involves Human Subjects or if it is more than 90 days prior to the start of the research.

The following image shows the Create New Advance button, located at the right of the status check boxes.

my advance requests page

Select Create New Advance.

An eGC1 search page will display. Enter the number of the eGC1 to be associated with the Advance Request, or other identifying search criteria, and then click Search. You will see a list of the eGC1s to which you have access that match the criteria you entered. Use the Reset link to clear all of the criteria values, if needed.

The following image shows the eGC1 search page.

advance search for eligible e g c 1

The eGC1 for an advance must be in Approved or Awarded status to be eligible. By default, all eGC1s are ineligible until OSP marks them as eligible. On the results list, those eGC1s that are eligible will have a Select button. The following image shows a results list, with some eligible eGC1s.

results list from e g c 1 search

When you select the eGC1, an advance request form will display, and will include information copied from the selected eGC1.