Deleting an Advance

To delete a new or extension Advance Budget Request:

  • You must be an owner or have permission to edit the Advance Budget Request.
  • The Advance Budget Request must be in Composing status.

See note below about Advance Budget Requests in other statuses.

Start by selecting the “more options” menu icon to the far right of the Request Status in the advance header. The menu icon is three, blue vertical dots.

From the menu, select Delete request. The following image shows this menu.

header menu to delete request

When you select Delete request, a confirmation dialog displays, stating the advance with be permanently deleted, as shown below.

delete advance confirmation dialog

To cancel deleting the request, select either the Cancel button, the blue X in the upper right, or click outside of the dialog.

When you select Delete Request, the system will remove the advance and will display your list of advances.

Note: Advance Budget Requests in a status other than Composing

Currently, SAGE does not allow you to delete or remove an Advance Budget Request that is not in Composing status. The SAGE Team is aware of the need and is developing the ability for campus and GCA to “Permanently Withdraw” Advances that are no longer needed. This will better align with the eGC1 processes, and allow users to filter and view the advances in the future if needed. Until that option is available, leaving an Advance Budget Request in a Returned or Withdrawn status does no harm.