Advances SFI & FCOI

Use this section of your advance to review the Significant Financial Interest (SFI) and Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Training status of the investigators on the associated application. The table lists each investigator, their role, SFI disclosure submission status, and their FCOI training status. When any investigators are not up-to-date, an alert appears above the table.

SFI Disclosure Requirement

Each investigator must have completed an SFI disclosure in FIDS for the associated application whether or not they have any financial interests to disclose. If the investigator submitted that disclosure more than 12 months ago from the current date, and has not created another disclosure of any kind within the past 12 months, the investigator would need to submit an annual update disclosure.

An investigator’s disclosure status is either “Up-to-date” or “Disclosure Required” with a Notify link.  Select the Notify link to send a notification that either the primary disclosure or an annual update disclosure is needed. The system determines which disclosure is required and sends the corresponding notification. The advance preparer is copied on the notification. You can select the Notify link more than once. The date will refresh automatically. Review Advance Budget Request Email Notifications for details.

FCOI Training Requirement

If the application’s sponsor is one that requires UW review of SFI, the investigator’s FCOI training must also be “up-to-date.” The training expires after four years. If the investigator’s training is not current, their status is “Training Required” with a Notify link. Use the link to send a notification about the training requirement, with instructions. The advance preparer is copied on the notification.

The following image shows this section for a grant with one of the personnel needing to complete a disclosure or the training.

S F I and F C O I section with notify links

Below the table is a link to the parent application’s PI, Personnel, & Organizations page where you can update the list of investigators. If you make changes, the advance request will automatically update.